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An average day in the life of a tree planter

6:00 Breakfast time! Get... out... bed... get... coffee... eat... build lunch

6:45 Warm up & stretch time. Get the blood flowing before all the strenuous work of the day. This is a time to laugh, wake up & prepare your body so you can come home healthy. Our warm up program has been created by a professional fitness firm.

7:00 Let's go! Load in the van, 4.x., helicopter or other mode of transportation. Travel could be a few minutes or an hour.


7:15 - 8:00 Get on the block! Crew boss will show you where to plant. There is always a crew boss with your crew. He or she will be available to answer any questions and get trees for you through the day. You work together in blocks as a team covering the land with young trees, earning moolah and taking breaks when necessary.

4:30 - 6:30 Home time. Back into the given method of transportation and home you go full of stories and experiences with mother nature and out of energy.

5:45 Wash up.

6:00Time to eat. This is the highlight of most days. There is always as much hot food as you can eat. All crews come together under one roof to be refueled, rejuvenated and recharged. After supper the evening is yours to rest or socialize. There are some activities available, but swimming depends on season and location. Television reception is not guaranteed but we try to provide as many comforts as possible including VCR & movies sometimes.

Tree planting is no walk in the park. The truth is that it is the hardest work that most have ever done or will do in a lifetime. Surprisingly the work is harder mentally than physically. Those strong individuals that make it to the end of the season and come back year after year hurtle a lot of obstacles along the way. Sometimes they rely on their inner strength and determination, but more often they rely on each other. People who would never become friends or even meet each other in most circumstances form the closest of bonds tree planting. You see everyone at their best and their worst and appreciate them for who they are. One season of tree planting can effect an individuals respect for other people like no other situation. Some people come from school, some come from travel and some are just in the need of work, but all leave richer for the experience.