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Moose Creek
Camp Life
Moose Creek Reforestation camps as close to the job as possible. Minimizing travelling means less chance for accidents and more time spent on the plant site.

All features of our camp are mobile but as cozy as roughing it can be. Moose Creek kitchens are fully equipped and staffed. Drinking water is hauled from the nearest center or filtered through our new and approved system.

Setting up cap

We supply wash and shower stations and heated dining facilities. All sleeping facilities are supplied by the planter. Most sleep in tents but some veterans choose campers and if you have one it is highly recommended.

There are charges applied to our planters to cover the cost of food consumed and staff to prepare it. Hard workers eat harder and nutrition is every bit as important as taste. There is a heated tent for drying wet clothes (separate from dining tent), but laundry must wait for weekends.

All efforts are made to find camping spots close to swimming areas and other features to make camp better, but sometimes the joy of living outside is the best part of camp.