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Moose Creek

Moose Creek Reforestation has been in the business of conducting manual tending (brushing or thinning) since 1986. It has become a great way to offer our employees a long season when combined with planting. Thinning runs from mid-April through late fall.

This work consists of using a clearing saw (brushsaw) to remove competition from plantations 8 years old and older. Competition may consist of various forms of vegetation that limits the amount of nutrients, light and water available to the desired crop trees. Competition may also be crop trees that are not spaced far enough apart to allow free growth. When the work is completed the healthiest most desirable trees are left to grow free of all competition.

All Moose Creek Reforestation employees learn every angle to be successful at thinning. A rigorous training program is in place thanks to help from the Living Legacy Trust. All employees hired begin a program with training or certification for:

  • Whmis
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • S-102 forest fire suppression
  • Safe clearing saw operation
  • Crop selection
  • Emergency radio procedures
  • Small engine and brush saw repair and maintenance
  • Field mapping
  • Safe ATV operation and basic maintenance

This allows Moose Creek Reforestation to have some of the highest trained and competent clearing saw operators in the business.